Wednesday 5 September 2012- Day 12

Is a pink sky in the morning a sailors warning? Hmmmm well if that was the case we were in for an interesting day!

As the PS Adelaide sat moored on the Victorian side the sun rose over the trees lighting the sky with a soft pink, creating a photographers dream.

Before we departed Robert Mansell ensured we were stocked with firewood and also a plate of awesome cupcakes for morning tea.

Breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal and milk and we departed at around 8.00am.

There was an excited buzz around the boat as this was the final leg until will reached our main destination, Mildura. To ensure the Adelaide was looking her best, crew got to work to giving her one last clean after all maintenance was completed.

Lunch was salad rolls, with everything laid out on the table allowing people to choose their own fillings.

The PB Kulkyne came out from its mooring to cruise with the PS Adelaide and PB Iron Dry for a few kilometres.

We cruised past Red Cliffs and it was very interesting to see the difference from one side of the river to the other. One side being big red sand cliffs and the other a low bank with dead looking trees. Quite a contrast.

It was also a very windy day and the Adelaide cruised through the white caps, something it is not used to in the Murray River back home.

After going past Gol Gol the PB Rothbury, owned by the Pointons, and the PB Settler came out to greet us and lead us into their home port of Mildura. It was very exciting as we all knew that after 12 days we had finally made it.

We had arrived one day ahead of schedule so many locals were not prepared for our arrival into Mildura.

The PS Adelaide was invited to moor at the Pointons riverfront property along side the PB Mundoo with the PS Melbourne moored in front and the PB Rothbury.

The Pointons and crew welcomed our crew however captain Graham Trist and our engineer Michael Snell had to attend to media engagements with both the ABC Mildura and the Sunraysia Daily. 

We walked over to The Edge Hotel in Buronga for dinner and then back to boat.

Distance Travelled: 100km

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