Monday 3 September 2012- Day 10

After a surprisingly quite night of sleep, considering we were moored right next to the Murray Valley Hwy, we had a later start than expected, for o reason in particular, crew were just enjoying their breakfast and the warmer weather.

We set off at around 8.15am as we didn’t want to waste all the steam the engineer had created while the rest of us slept!

Todays schedule didn’t include any bridges, locks or punt crossings so we knew the crew could get stuck into more maintenance. The rest the paddle boxes (started while in Wood Wood) needed finishing because in the sun you could definitely see the difference between the old and new paint. The port side stairs were done, along the aft (back) deck.

The PB Iron Dry kept up to the Adelaide’s speed and during the day another vessel, the MV Moonshine joined in the flotilla.

Morning tea was a very yummy homemade slice and lunch was an array of toasted sandwiches. 

Navigating this river back in the 1800’s must have been interesting without charts, especially in high water as today we came across two areas where the Murray river forked. Both were cuttings that reconnected to the Murray. We didn’t take the first one, but decided to navigate the second as it took approx 10km off our trip. (and we felt adventurous).

In the afternoon we started to see red cliffs which is something we are not used to. The high red cliffs look spectacular and all crew stoped work to take photos. The bright contrasting blue sky against the red sand resulted in amazing images.

We made good timing and arrived into Robinvale at 4.30pm and hour and a half ahead of schedule.

Locals were out to meet us but the certainly didn’t come empty handed. A fully loaded trailer towed by an old tractor was sitting on the bank awaiting our arrival. It was about 2-3 tonne of donated wood that filled our wood bunker. Crew jumped off and were eager to load as they knew how much work Leighton Donavon and the Robinvale-Euston community had gone to to secure this amount of fuel.

Showers were had straight after at the RobinvaleRiverfrontCaravanPark and once refreshed the crew tucked into a scrumptious dinner of kebabs and vegetables.

Distance Travelled: 92kms

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