Sunday 2 September 2012- Day 9

The RTA bridge workers were very kind to come back and raise the bridge for us on a Sunday morning, as they had arrived early the day before to let us through however we never arrived, stoped at Wood Wood.

Michael our engineer had steam up by 7am and we went through the bridge, very slowly at 7.30am. Even though it was very early for a Sunday morning many locals lined the bank to watch. 

The TooleybucBridge was our last lift bridge (4 in total) of the journey. It was a great feeling to know that we had passed them all successfully.

The river has now widened and isn’t  as windy as the area around Barham-Koondrook.

We passed the Wakool Junction and then further down the Murrumbidgee Junction. 

Food was the highlight today with bacon and cheese pancakes for breakfast and then sausages with fresh coleslaw and potato salad.

In the afternoon we passed the area where the PS Hero burnt to the ground in the 1950’s. This paddlesteamer was then purchased by Gary Byford, restored, and it is now moored in Echuca.

We arrived into Boundary Bend at 4.30pm. Word was out that we were close by so a group of locals were ready to greet us. Even the Connor family came to visit, decedents of Arch Connor who owned the PS Canberra, PS Range and PS Etona,

As it was Sunday night we decided to have an easy meal, so we had homemade pizza in the wood fired and also an awesome apple pie. 

The stars were beautiful at Boundary Bend so we turned out all the lights and enjoyed the serenity.

Distance Travelled: 92kms

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